To Every Single Mom. God Loves You!! Life has twists and turns. Being a single mom or dad is one of the toughest jobs for anyone no matter the continent nor culture. Some women are single moms by widowhood, some are single moms because of a marriage that did not work! Yes there are marriages that are not working. Marriages where someone is being threatened and have lost every sense to live like a human being. Some are single moms because they were abandoned by their husband and are forced to figure it out on their own. Some are single moms because they got pregnant out of wedlock and decided to have the baby instead of terminating the pregnancy. No matter the reason, the Lord loves single moms and single dads. He is willing to help them raise their children in the best way possible. Life happens to people and so we must be careful how we GENERALIZE! Our words ought to minister grace to the hearers. Ephesians 4:29.

Even if someone got pregnant out of wedlock and had a child, that still does not mean that the person is doomed forever! The act may be sinful but God has not thrown the person away. Our approach to issues like this should be how to restore the person and not assume the position of Eligwe’s secretary general & the judgement file carrier of Eligwe that Jehovah did not confer on you to condemn the person.God is the God of everyone. He is an expert at turning lives around and giving people a turn around Hagar, Sarah’s maid got thrown out! Yes thrown out and given supplies that won’t take her any where.

A water bottle and some food for herself and her son.Remember what looked like a breakthrough had just turned into a heart break.Hagar was left with no other choice but to see her son, her future fade away before her very eyes. She lost her home and her supplies got finished with no hope of replenishment .Maybe you are like Hagar, or you know someone like Hagar, it doesn’t matter what was given to you, it doesn’t matter what your marriage has given to you or even your mistakes has presented to you. Things can still work out for you!.How far can a water bottle and some food take someone.?This was Hagar’s case. What she needed was something limitless not something in a container that cannot contain her destiny. Hagar cried, so also her son cried, God responded because He was interested in her, her son, her future, her dreams.God has a purpose for every single mom and her child. He won’t allow your destiny and that of your child to be destroyed. God intervened when Hagar was left with nothing. Her case was an impossible case to the natural man. She was in the desert with no food, no water, no relationship and no where to lay her head and that of her son. She was just moving from pillar to post, with a hungry stomach and a wailing child.God responded by opening her eyes to see a well. God replaced her water bottle with a well. Dear single mom, I declare, God is giving you wells of supplies to take care of your child(ren)There are mothers whose husbands are alive, present and buoyant but still they live like single moms. There are also men whose wives are alive, present and buoyant yet these men live like single dads because they have to figure things out and take of the children all by them self. I want to say to you, God got you covered also. Your children will turn out well.Is there anything that represents a water bottle in your life right now? It’s small and can’t take you anywhere. In fact it is finished and you are still holding on to the bottle with no water.God wants you to forget the water bottle because something massive & limitless is just by the corner. Well signifies depths, water signifies life.God is giving you depth, He is giving you a life that is going far not a shallow life.God himself is the author of life, so He gives life. He replaces the old with the new. He takes away the first that He may establish the second, He turns your mourning into morning dance.

The same wilderness where Hagar wept and prayed to die was the same wilderness that she and her son both stayed because God gave them a well in place of their water bottle.You will make it as a single mom.Your child(ren) will turn out well God is raising great father figures for your children.Your Heavenly Father who is the ultimate Father is watching over you and your children just the way He watched over Hagar.The widow of Zarephat was a single mom and God sent Elijah to help her.Naomi a single mom and became childless after she lost her biological sons. Life happened to her but God restored her.

I also want to say that in your local assembly, you must not segregate, gossip, judge, condemn, look down on single moms. Do not assume that every single mom you see is promiscuous, a failure or a husband snatcher. Single moms can lead even in our churches! Do not make their children feel less because they are single moms. Let love rule! Remove the judgemental spectacle you are wearing. Jehovah did not give it to you nwanem! May God cause you as a single mom to see the WELL prepared for you.

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